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Dating is one of the best feelings that a human being can ever feel. It is

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According to the magazine Vanity Fair’s investigation, 80% men want his dating girl friend having long

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The first thing that you really need to understand is that its not unnatural to be

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In this material world no one will be ready to talk to strangers until they come

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When you are newbie on the online dating sites, it is all the trickier and potentially

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When you have a true good friend, they should have many of the same likes and

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I am a very shy guy so I know how difficult it can be to approach

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If you are a shy guy by nature then you probably don’t think that any woman

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When it comes to love there is no difference between younger people and senior people. The

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NEWS FLASH: Does climbing Mt. Everest seem easier compared to achieving greater self-confidence?  Perhaps you feel